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SC14724 Schleich Sawfish

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Schleich Sawfish

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Sawfish swing their saw across the sea floor and root out the crabs hidden in the sand. Sawfish are members of the ray family. The most conspicuous characteristic of this unusual fish is its saw. This is a cartilaginous prolongation of the head which has many teeth along its sides. The sawfish uses this saw to kill swarm fish by swinging its weapon back and forth in the swarm of fish. There is also a sensory organ in the saw which can sense the finest electro-magnetic signals from hidden crabs in the sand. The sawfish can then easily dig out the crabs and eat them. These fish, up to 8 meters long, live in tropical and sub-tropical waters and astonishingly in both salt and fresh water. As a result, this conspicuous fish can be found close to the coast of the Pacific as well as far up the Amazon river.

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